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Experience history, discover the changes


Experience history, discover the changes

You have already got to know the “Alte Post” in Schwaig near Erding, either as a guest of our restaurant or hotel, or via our Internet presence. But what was it like back then? How did it all start? We can tell you right away that over the past 200 years a lot has changed.

Curious? Then come and join us on a short trip back through time at “Alte Post”.

1815 – 1843

Just 70 years before the “Postwirt” in Schwaig changed hands and became the property of the Schmid family in 1884 it had been mentioned for the first time by name as being a hostelry. As the first resident the innkeeper Sebastian Starr laid the gastronomic foundations for the “Alte Post” on a plot of land of roughly 6 hectares divided into 8 plots.

Right next door he shared the house with Nikolaus Sedlmaier from Tölz along with his wife, Katharina Ziegeltrumm, a carter’s daughter from Freising as well as their four children.

Kaspar Frisinger is named in the Oberding parish records as the innkeeper’s successor up until his death in 1843. As from 1844 Kaspar Maier, Johann Nepomuck Franzbeck along with his wife Theres Sperrer and their nine children resided here.

1862 – 1883

The first building changes in the form of an extension were carried out under the aegis of innkeeper Johann Frohnsbeck in 1862.

Up until his death in 1883 the building was also enlivened by Georg Frohnsbeck and his wife Josepha B...thaler (part of her name is illegible), died 1882, and their seven children.

1884 - 1912

In 1884 innkeeper’s son Josef Schmid from Oberding acquired the building. A family tradition is born. A total of seven children issued from the marriage with Daimer’s daughter, Barbara Peis, from Oberding.

In 1912, whilst under the management of Babette and Josef Schmid, our “Alte Post” is first mentioned by name as “Gasthaus zur Post”.

1913 – 1945

The premises of the “Alte Post” survived both World Wars without any damage worth mentioning. And the hostelry was still in the hands of the Schmid family, now in the second generation.

1946 – 1994

Since the school building in Schwaig served as a refugee camp at the end of World War II classes for the Schwaig children were transferred to the dance hall in our “Alte Post”.

Indeed this was not the only time that the dance hall on the first floor of the hostelry received guests large and small, apart from wedding and ball guest, of course. For during the 1950s and 1960s the spacious hall with it’s integrated stage served as a playhouse for local amateur dramatic societies.

1995 – 2000

In the meanwhile, the “Alte Post”, now in its fourth generation and under the direction of Marianne Schmid, was redesigned with the modern concept of *restaurant *hotel *catering *bee garden. To this end the former annex dating from 1862 gave way to a new building and the first hotel rooms were built.

In 2000 the ball room was closed and replaced with more bedrooms, thereby raising the numbers of guests able to enjoy a comfortable and refreshing overnight stay in the “Alte Post” between Munich airport and the county town of Erding.